above board sentence

2. Above-board; 1. All's above board and consequently boring. To that end, they go to great pains to ensure that they retain their sterling reputation by stating, very clearly, that their contest is above board in all aspects. Above-board sentence examples. 12.5. 0. If a plan or business agreement is above board, it is honest and not trying to deceive anyone…. You want to have everything above-board; very well, you shall have it, he seemed to say. 2. Example Sentences. The deal was completely above board. These early games were legitimate, operated in an above board manner, and gained a wide following. What's the origin of the phrase 'Above board'? Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. 5. He has maintained that it was above board and had ministerial approval. 25. The cards are all on the table, nothing's left to fancy. Games played with hands above board removed at least that weapon from the cheater's armory. 5. It is sometimes suggested that the board in question is the deck of a ship and that this term comes from the seafaring practice of concealing pirates below decks (below board) in order to lull the crews of victim ships into a false sense of security. above board definition: 1. 24+1 sentence examples: 1. The company expected the deal to be cleared above board and at the fastest pace possible. 3. Nowadays, when young women go about in kilts and are as bare-backed as wild horses, there's no excitement. Learn more. The deal between the two parties was completely open and above board. Origin. Be open and above board with me. How to use aboveboard in a sentence. I think everything ought to be aboveboard. 0. He is dignified, and open and aboveboard. 0. Above-board in a sentence. 3. 2. Their business was open and aboveboard. Honest and aboveboard Fully visible to public scrutiny; completely and openly honest or legitimate. Example Sentences. 4. Except as set forth in an Order, these Terms do not give a party the right to use the other party’s or its affiliates’ trademarks, service … The deal was completely open and ab See also: aboveboard, and, honest: 26. Aboveboard definition, in open sight; without tricks, concealment, or disguise: Their actions are open and aboveboard. 4. Above board definition: An arrangement or deal that is above board is legal and is being carried out honestly and... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 0. Though some regulators have expressed concern over the merger of the two multinationals, everything about the deal has been honest and aboveboard. Learn more. Don't try to be tricky dear; we have to make this deal to be above board, totally. Their actions are open and aboveboard. Use "above-board" in a sentence. Upon request, either party will certify to the other party in writing that it has complied with the requirement in the foregoing sentence. Everything was perfectly legal and aboveboard. Openly; without any trickery. Above board What's the meaning of the phrase 'Above board'? Don't worry; the deal was completely above board. above board in a sentence - Use "above board" in a sentence 1. If a plan or business agreement is above board, it is honest and not trying to deceive anyone…. Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board. 31 sentence examples: 1. 2. See more. aboveboard meaning: 1.

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