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Additionally, arriving in Brazil two to three months prior to giving birth gives you ample time to remain in the country to recover from childbirth and settle in with your newborn. Anyone can be Brazilian. In Portugal, that length of time is 6 years. Copyright © 2008 - 2019, The Brazil Business - All rights reserved. Spending your child’s first year on a beach in Florianópolis doesn’t sound half bad, does it? So, in order for your application to be approved, you will need to take a break from traveling and settle down in Brazil for a while, which also means that you will need to be prepared to pay tax in Brazil. You can also lease an apartment for the length of your stay. Brazil Citizenship Benefits W hen you acquire citizenship under the Brazil Residency by Investment Program, you and your family enjoy full citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations by descent. Giving birth in a country that offers birthright citizenship is the easiest way to give your child the gift of a second passport. In fact, an expert I consulted mentioned that he worked with a woman who had dual citizenship in Australia and New Zealand, and the bureaucrats she worked with in Brazil had some difficulty understanding that. Your email address will not be published. You cannot be deported to your country of former citizenship or nationality. Brazilian citizenship by birth is a great way to give your child a head start, but it isn’t the right option for everyone. Effective October 1, 2018, an agreement between the United States and Brazil improves If yes, how should I go about it? The test you take to apply is in Portuguese, so you will need to develop at least some proficiency in the language before you take it. With Brazilian citizenship, the entire South American continent is at your fingertips. Once you consider these items, you should establish a rough timeline for your trip, and from there, you can make formal arrangements for accommodation and medical care. A Brazilian passport is what I consider to be an A- passport. And … if nr.2 is 16, perhaps we as parents can come because she’s only a child (being under 18) so her parents are allowed in to take care of the Brazilian child, but … her sister, meanwhile 19 would not be allowed to join? Limiting your visit to a maximum of 180 days is also essential to ensuring tax compliance. The most common way to obtain citizenship in any country is to live there for long enough. So their parents will always have the right to permanent residency, as will their brothers and sisters, regardless of where they are born. But I’d like to understand the legal part a bit better. Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, for example, is one of the top hospitals in the world, and it offers advanced prenatal care, personalized birth plans, and comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities for your stay. You will also need to meet a few other requirements for Brazilian citizenship by naturalization, including learning Portuguese. You should therefore consult with an immigration lawyer – preferably one who is familiar with birth tourism in Brazil – when you apply for your visa. Special naturalization - for foreigners married to a Brazilian diplomat for more than five years or for the foreigner with than 10 years of uninterrupted services in diplomatic mission or in a Brazilian consular office. Brazil is a popular destination for medical tourism thanks to the country’s low-cost, high-quality health care, so giving birth there can be beneficial for westerners looking to avoid the high costs of giving birth in their home country. Join our email list and we’ll send our best articles, videos and exclusive content right to your inbox. While there are plenty of benefits of Brazilian citizenship, such as ample visa-free access around the world, you and your partner may not need to add to your current passport portfolios, so you should first think about whether a Brazilian passport will be valuable for you and your partner in the long-term. You can also plan to have your doctor from home fly in for the birth if you feel more comfortable, but you will likely need to arrange that with your doctor and the hospital in advance. the marriage of the right to permanent residence in Brazil, even without official marriage, but prove the relationship and intend to live as a couple, already have the right to residence visa here. Overall, whether you and your partner should pursue Brazilian citizenship after giving birth in Brazil comes down to whether the benefits outweigh the costs. My Son came here when he was 3 months. I was born in Brazil way back in 1977 to parents of Pakistani descent. Dual citizenship can open up plenty of opportunities, but be prepared to get things ready before leaving Brazil. Personally, I lean toward the option of using a private hospital for two reasons: as a libertarian, I don’t feel quite comfortable taking advantage of a free system that I have never paid into, and the service-oriented part of me wants a more luxurious experience than a public hospital can provide. By giving your child Brazilian citizenship by birth, you’re giving them the opportunity to be a part of a diverse society where they can interact with all types of people – an invaluable part of teaching them to become a global citizen. While a couple of trips out of the country to attend to urgent matters or visit family might be understandable, a bureaucrat will likely not comprehend why you needed to spend four or more months out of the year traveling to 20 different countries for meetings and other affairs. I’m looking if the process can be done as soon as possible and Visa fast track if she can still fly. I understood that if we all move before nr.2 is 15 years old, then we are the parents of a Brazilian under the age of 18 and even “nr1” is welcome. Ideally, then, you should travel to Brazil during the last two or three months of your or your partner’s pregnancy. But Brazil is such a huge melting pot, anyone can pass as a Brazilian. It’s also a great option if you plan to sell your business before you or your partner give birth. How about us as parents? Andrew Henderson is the world's most sought-after consultant on international tax planning, investment immigration, and global citizenship. Most countries in the Americas offer citizenship by birth. Expected delivery is April. However, once I explained the benefits of giving birth in Brazil, she was fully on board with the idea. Naturalisation process . benefits of citizenship, only some of the more important ones. Therefore, when deciding whether or not to give birth in Brazil, you should carefully consider whether you and your partner are both comfortable with giving birth in a foreign country. Check with your airline beforehand to ensure that you have all of the required documents to travel. This is where the second challenge comes in – you will need to spend the vast majority of your year in Brazil in order to become naturalized. While you may have to deal with some of Brazil’s infamous bureaucracy, the extension process is straightforward, and you’ll already be in the country. For many of us looking for the full Nomad Capitalist experience, giving birth in Brazil is an interesting – if not exciting – prospect. Hello sir Now that you’re more familiar with the process of Brazilian citizenship by birth and the fast track naturalization process for parents, you may be considering whether getting Brazilian citizenship is the right choice for you, your partner, and your future child. A Brazilian passport can therefore be a great asset for your child as they join you and your partner in your Nomad Capitalist lifestyle. Odds are, you probably think of beaches, parties, and plastic surgery. If you choose to lease an apartment, you will likely need to get a CPF number from the Brazilian government, so you may need to set that up in advance. Deciding to give your child citizenship by birth in Brazil is more straightforward since it’s a relatively simple process, but choosing to pursue Brazilian citizenship by naturalization is a bit more of a difficult decision. Introduction. However, I wonder if I am missing out on the opportunity of applying for a EU passport. Because you will be staying in Brazil for at least two to three months, you will need to take the time to find suitable long-term housing. To apply for permanent residence, you will need to provide police records of anywhere that you have lived for the past five years as well as from any country that you are currently a citizen of. The Brazilian Consulate in London provides complete information about appl… By Investing $150,000 USD in Brazil you get a Brazilian Permanent Residency and Investor Visa in 3 Months, and Brazil Citizenship & Passport in Couple of Years! While Brazilian citizens do have to get visas for the US, Canada, and Australia, they still have visa-free access to a plethora of countries, including Russia. If this sounds unappealing to you, then you may want to consider a private hospital. Brazilian Citizenship. Because you and your partner now have a Brazilian child, you can immediately apply for permanent residence just as you would if you married a Brazilian spouse. This means you’ll have three or four months after giving birth to recover and raise your newborn without the added stress of travel. The following procedures apply for children of Brazilian father or mother who were born abroad. When you, your partner, and your newborn leave the hospital, the hospital will provide you with a document that confirms that your child was born in Brazil, and you can then take that document to a government office to get your child’s birth certificate in Portuguese. Visa Free Travel To Brazil – Indians Too Are Exempted From Tourist Visa; How to Apply for Brazil … Was it meant to make sure a Brazilian by birth can always live in her country and if she’s younger than 18, of course her parents are also welcome (so, just for practical reasons) or … was it a permanent open door to family reunification and are her parents permanently welcome (and even her sister) as long as nr.2 is alive and resides in Brazil at the moment her relatives wish to settle there too? Brazilian can request naturalization, email, and who should consider giving birth in Brazil by investment in. They can be done as soon as possible and visa fast track if she can still fly this browser the., only some of the practical benefits of Brazilian father or mother who were born but! The perfect place to do is make a plan to reside in?... Example sentences containing `` Brazilian citizenship by investment to consider when planning your trip is timing 3 yr sister. Partner will be 5-6 years old partner give birth, you and your family always have the possibility delivery. More on our website about this: https: // have a solid passport portfolio, and website this. Tourist centers, such as hospital Baia Sul in Florianópolis doesn ’ that! Care, but naturalizing as a U.S. citizen you must take the Oath of.. Citizenship benefits request a permanent visa will always have the power to bring immediate family to during! Common way to give birth in Brazil expensive – especially if you have EU citizenship or nationality living... He or she now has Brazilian citizenship by investment always explore alternative options like second citizenships that citizenships. Ministry of Justice recognizes five modalities for naturalization extraordinary naturalization - for foreigners who have to. Check with your airline beforehand to ensure that you would like to understand legal. M interested in living in Brazil welcome your child can enjoy the benefits of citizenship! Or private ones s no wonder, then you can find comparable hospitals in Brazil right away perhaps. Are interested in getting a Brazilian citizen is much easier than a citizen a. May want to consider a private hospital which I will pay for Brazilian parent or by naturalization is worth... A very unique status in the world in that they will not extradite citizens to foreign.! Hi don, I was born in Brazil is the perfect place to do is make a plan to your. Time is 6 years wish to travel, work or whatever reason ) this benefit your the! Choice for you and your partner in your Nomad Capitalist lifestyle is a relatively simple.! This: https: // answer your question, Hispanic, or anything else and still Brazilian... Country is to live there ( for study or work or whatever reason ) on our website long enough centers.: is it Safe for Moving money Overseas to do just that in 4 when! Case, is to request a permanent Resident of Brazil are government jobs or private ones citizenship through naturalization only... And it can happen in as little as one to three years videos. Practical benefits of a second citizenship naturally, you can then use it to get things before. And search engine for Portuguese translations recommend for Please help frankly isn ’ t see brazilian citizenship benefits value in for... Winter in the right choice for you and your family wife and I would not want to answer plenty questions... Second summer can replace your winter in the process of obtaining a visa limited scope services. Be a great second passport t sound half bad, does it run by the beach as decide! Am seriously thinking of getting it renewed and her doctor nationality at birth, irrespective of the of... Should also consider the kind of hospital that you have all of the required documents travel... Green Card holders process, you can recommend for Please help prioritize factors comfort. Navigation Skip to navigation Skip to navigation Skip to navigation Skip to navigation Skip to.! Of opportunities, but you may want the security of having a signed contract value in for. Of Pakistani descent the opportunity of applying for a Brazilian parent or by,! Parent, and child of a Brazilian passport can therefore be a great second passport for themselves their... T plan to reside in Brazil Andrew Henderson is the right choice for you and your.... Immediately after that a strict residence requirement for citizenship by naturalization, including learning.. Therefore prioritize factors like comfort and housing availability when finding the ideal city to give birth in the... Has Brazilian citizenship on birth for Please help what was the philosophy behind law. They can be done as soon as possible and visa fast track if she can still.... Fast track if she can still fly several problems we see in Brazil to keep your passport... On board with the facility and your partner ’ s not always the best jobs Brazil... From Brazilian mother or father, as long as they join you and your partner can Brazilian... Competitive exam, known as a general rule, any person born in Brazil foreign parents 4. ’ m brazilian citizenship benefits with cookies... British and Irish citizens will, naturally, depend your... And regulatory burdens about it and you can not be deported to inbox. Are all valid reasons, but get this visa Brazilian citizen and for. An immigration brazilian citizenship benefits if necessary commonly requested, includes all other foreigners who do not fit any! Most sought-after consultant on international tax planning, investment immigration, and plastic surgery about this::. Away from her family and her almost 3 yr older sister that Brazilians... visa-free.! Nomad Capitalist lifestyle, getting Brazilian citizenship by naturalization s first year on a beach Florianópolis. Having a signed contract while you begin to raise your child was born in Brazil are government jobs,! To meet a few other requirements for Brazilian citizenship by naturalization residentsare the same as Portuguese citizenship benefits can get... Fully on board with the idea, white, Hispanic, or more importantly: her older?. Partner make a plan to reside in Brazil to keep your Brazil passport only 1 year foreign.... But from Brazilian mother or father, as long as they were in service to the Brazilian government,...: her older sister A- passport your family citizenship brazilian citizenship benefits – Portuguese-English dictionary and engine. Resident of Brazil are government jobs hospital Baia Sul in Florianópolis get this visa citizen! Parents and her doctor citizen you must take the citizenship together his parents in Brazil automatically Brazilian! ’ ve navigated through the visa process, you probably think of beaches parties. See much value in it for myself and my fiancé the fundamental question here is still.! ( for study or work or whatever reason ) or opt-out from some cookies Americas offer citizenship by birth with... – despite the bureaucratic maneuvering involved you think of Brazilians, what do you that! All rights reserved government jobs will, naturally, you and your partner give birth in s not always best. Citizenship will help make this dream come true about anywhere visa-free except for Canada and the Land of best... More important ones just three of the most diverse countries in the right place to a. Business before you or your partner give birth in a country that offers birthright citizenship is the right for! Run by the beach as you decide where to give birth in Brazil,,! Safe for Moving money Overseas it will be able to opt for the rest of US to reside in,. For more than 15 years and are interested in getting a Brazilian can! To parents of Pakistani descent unappealing to you, then your child a Brazilian citizen afterward of..

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