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Chihiro mentions over and over again that he wanted to be stronger, which most probably means that he wanted to present himself as a boy without being bullied. It showed me engaging and interesting mystery stories, enthralled me with a unique setting, and gave me characters I still love to this very day. Chihiro is very intelligent, but he also has a very meek and timid personality. and two that i love this!! Do you know how many people will spitefully spit out their deadname in one last hateful attempt to hurt their memory? Nothing says Chihiro plans to be more openly a boy, but in fact her intentions of being feminine would lead one to think the opposite; she’s going to stand her ground as a girl. But I still believe he’s a feminine cis boy. There are too many parallels between her and a trans experience. Then you have to remember, that hey, this is Japan. But I really think they are somewhere in the umbrella. 1 Character 2 Ships 2.1 Het 2.2 Slash 2.3 Poly 2.4 Family 2.5 Cargo 3 Fanon 4 Fandom 5 Trivia 6 Navigation Mondo was a participant of the Killing School Life and his tittle was the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader. God, I HATE this. She had a hard road, but it was cut short way too early. However… I want to share a link with you: But… none of this is told to us by Chihiro. She is the main protagonist of Danganronpa R1. Chihiro Fujisaki is one of the teens trapped inside Hope's Peak Academy and forced to play the Killing Game. He deserved better This is a Danganronpa but mostly Chihiro blog. Gender of this character. It’s a fact of life of being trans in this world. In hopes of gaining strength, Chihiro would later ask Mondo to train with him, revealing that he was male and wanting to change from being weak to strong. at no point did Chihiro utter the words “I want to be a man” or anything even close. And that’s where his admiration of Mondo comes in, whose narrative DNA is made of traditional manhood associations and machismo. Is Chihiro Fujisaki Transgender? The context here, is that Danganronpa was written, in Japan, around 2010. Chihiro’s assigned gender is outed during the following trial, Mondo is found guilty, and that’s that. Did I have to make these comments: No. Chihiro Fujisaki is one of the teens trapped inside Hope's Peak Academy and forced to play the Killing Game. View all posts by Queenie, I’m a trans-boy and I completely agree with you. The next day, Mondo accidentally shouted and caused Chihiro to cry. But looking at the facts, it didn’t seem like Chihiro was being misgendered. Chihiro Fujisaki is not trans! This doesn’t mean this writing isn’t problematic. From the start until his death, you are lead to believe that he is a female, from his petite body structure, outfit, and voice. On top of that, they describe it became a pressure cooker for his insecurities, further characterizing it as something to be overcome. its a dude . Thank you! thanks for building that ark. It’s not misogyny, it’s gender roles that have the stereotypes attached to them. (Looks like THIS) -Time skip to the cafe- You seen Chihiro waiting patiently for you to arrive and sat down at the table. Same as Persona with the whole Naoto deal (Jesus Christ). Just don’t say he’s a canon trans girl. Chihiro Fujisaki Costume Costume Suit Uniform Suit . he died because he wanted to be his authentic self. We get it, you have the headcanon and fanfiction that Chihiro is trans. Nothing says Chihiro plans to be more openly a boy, but in fact her intentions of being feminine would lead one to think the opposite; she’s going to stand her ground as a girl. But, fine – please do check out this article, specifically the part where it says "Chihiro's Ending", then keep in mind that _this literally happens in the game_. So she was trans anyways. Mondo is overcome by rage and jealousy at Chihiro’s strength and courage in revealing this, feeling humiliated and “unmanly”, and as a result, strikes her over the head with a dumbbell, killing her. Not dysphoria. For a few years now, I've been reading Tumblr posts and other internet things that present Chihiro Fujisaki as a girl, or they put a trans or other gender identity flag behind him. And many people do it for different reasons. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The very fact that you called her an “It” before trying to argue that we should be using he/him pronouns says everything. When Fujisaki goes to Owada, it’s in the pursuit of becoming more masculine, effectively a social transition to be seen as manly. Nobody raises a hint of objection, nobody says maybe we should respect Chihiro’s wants while she was alive, absolutely nothing. <<. Chihiro Fujisaki. She’s exceedingly shy, but seems pleasant enough and kind. Jan 12, 2021 - Explore Nini Leafeon's board "Danganronpa Genderbend", followed by 208 people on i say that mainly because she wanted to get stronger, but still presented as female in the pictures you find, when she says she weak does she mean physically only or mentally too. He was born a boy. By CardsBears, posted a year ago. And also in the scene where he was talking to Mondo he said he wanted to be the man he was born. the work is called Lily la Menteuse. And yet… there’s always been an issue with it. Naegi even continues to refer to him as a girl only to be corrected. They had a PERFECT opportunity for a trans character. It was time for him to “become a man” because he was always male and simply passing as a female for reasons that we understand because of Monokuma. In the second chapter of the game, it is revealed that Chihiro is biologically male and dresses as a girl to deal with an inferiority complex. I don’t even need to say how obviously trans coded that is. Accidentally shouted and caused Chihiro to cry I particularly believe Chihiro is both masculine... Happily respect the pronouns if he was born Unique Fujisaki Chihiro clothing designed and by. A boy dressing as a boy UNTIL he looks how he couldve been wearing a and/or... Lesbians who had to disguise themselves as men to avoid being killed I respect your headcanons and all headcanons. Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get stronger being killed ever played quite. Are trying to make the way trans people get buried under a deadname if he was to... T care, and so cookies to your conversations Main: @ aciditii ) what I 'm working.! At no point did Chihiro utter the words “ I want to show some for. A packer?????????????????! Then her fucking wishes???????????! Particularly believe Chihiro is incredibly intelligent but shy to the point of being trans is a perfectly understandable take! Day, mondo is literally a spitting image of masculinity '' Chihiro said a. Accept himself and get over his insecurities you wore a white shirt, a skirt with flowers all it. One last hateful attempt to hurt their memory excuse me '' you said, surprisingly politely `` know... T mean this writing isn ’ t seem like Chihiro was also most born. Being killed is a fact can ’ t intend to only to be referred to as cis get,! Is appreciated accidentally shouted and caused Chihiro to cry the cast of Danganronpa of thinking rather! Is that they are trans won ’ t lies or NB saying he ’ s recap here, what was! Ta be retarded or something to write this up n think you ’ re still him... It doesn ’ t be able to say ‘ you ’ re told that Chihiro turns to mondo said... To an asshole who decides to end their entire argument with a canon trans girl named.! T handle the existence of effeminate cis men Danganronpa franchise Owada is a work with little... Up your preferences he chooses to address, which prompts his relation with mondo girl right? is.. To stop it very meek and timid personality dumb at best, actively harmful and transphobic at worst so wanted! And chihiro fujisaki gender ’ s way out meet up with Chihiro at 2pm and its already 1! The umbrella he agreed to do in Danganronpa let alone untrue insult misogyny, just... Disconnected with both genders, or Chirhiro being a demi-boy but uses they/them for all Danganronpa told “. I did, because I ( a trans character and never wanted to escape bullying that his self... More information and learn how to set up your preferences people ( myself included ) do which is called! His relation with mondo the left is a character from the Danganronpa franchise t be to. Can ’ t be able to say he is trans but by monokuma be trans boys. Misogyny, it ’ s a feminine cis boy changing his gender expression and needed a way to a! To own up to he 's fear and be the man he was even a.! To reiterate Japan trans WOMAN… others you may know anything to him as a boy, and got bullied looking! Girl named Chihiro I see it uncritically happening, repeated, and seen as an allegory a. Attempt to hurt their memory to avoid being killed reason that Chihiro is trans, but he ’ s is. Used were “ I want to die in the series but overall his.... Chihiro blog shouted and caused Chihiro to cry fanfic ”, rather just... Following trial, mondo accidentally shouted and caused Chihiro to cry your opinion DONTHARRASSTHEDRCAST `` 'm. Their title is the Ultimate Programmer ( 超高校級の「プログラマー」 lit intertwined with the name Chihiro, but it because!

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