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Scalawag definition is - scamp, reprobate. However money earmarked for post-war reconstruction will not go to companies in France, Germany, Russia or Syria. The church of St Andrew retains some ornate Norman work, but is mainly a Perpendicular reconstruction. As the result of the reconstruction of this section, thousands of wooden buildings, which had been a striking architectural characteristic of the city, were replaced by structures of steel, brick, and, especially, reinforced concrete. In May 1899 the minister of justice stated in the chamber of deputies that the machinery of the courts in the country was antiquated, unwieldy and incapable of performing its duties; that 50,000 cases were then waiting decision in the minor courts, and Io,000 in the federal division; and that a reconstruction of the judiciary and the judicial system had become necessary. The museum has reopened after nearly two years of, 25. The evolutionary history of Figure 4 is a, 19. So, it could be a guarding term, but you can mark it if you want. cruciate ligament reconstruction may alleviate the anterior knee pain associated with these conditions. Later, in the Reconstruction period, he commanded the Fifth Military District (Louisiana and Texas) at New Orleans, where his administration of the conquered states was most stormy, his differences with President Johnson culminating in his recall in September 1867. 3. Till Amos (with the solitary exception of Micaiah ben Imlah, in i Kings xxii.) During the Reconstruction period he favoured the congressional plan rather than that of President Johnson, and on this account resigned the district-attorneyship. Menu. The museum has reopened after nearly two years of, 4. He invited all the German sovereigns to meet him in conference, and laid before them a plan for the reconstruction of the confederation. Examples of Reconstruction in a sentence, how to use it. Only white children were regarded by the laws before Reconstruction days. C. Woolley, Reconstruction in Georgia (New York, 1901); and I. A cyber reconstruction of the world's largest Buddhist shrine. Examples of reconstruction in a sentence: 1. Later he published Principles of Social Reconstruction (1917); Mysticism and Logic (1918); The Analysis of Mind (1920) and (after a visit to Russia) The Theory and Practice of Bolshevism (1920). Surgical reconstruction may be required if the fracture changes the position of the eye or there is other facial deformity. are devoted to reconstruction: Edom, the detested enemy of Israel, is to be crushed; the nation, politically raised from the dead, with North and South united (xxxvii. True, on the 22nd of December 1793 he was made general of brigade for his services; and in February 1794 he gained the command of the artillery in the French army about to invade Italy; but during the preliminary work of fortification along the coast he was placed under arrest for a time owing to his reconstruction of an old fort at Marseilles which had been destroyed during the Revolution. 26. On the questions relating to political reconstruction and the policy of President Johnson, he supported his party, though opposed to its Radical leaders. On the 1st of September it passed, with some slight modifications, the Austrian proposals for the reconstruction of the Bund under a supreme Directory, an assembly of delegates from the variotis parliaments, a federal court of appeal and periodical conferences of sovereigns. ); after the fall of the city (586) his tone changed to one of consolation (xxxiii.-xxxix.) In November 1847 and March 1848 Radowitz was sent by King Frederick William to Vienna to attempt to arrange common action for the reconstruction of the German Confederation. From the beginning the state has been unswervingly Democratic, save in the Reconstruction years, though often with heavy Whig or Republican minorities. autogenous reconstruction reinforced by a LARS Actor 8 or 10 is recommended. Find more ways to say reconstruct, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. vii. 123 examples: Most reconstructions assume a relatively definite and stable object, an orderly… Under a reconstruction made in 1904 there is an executive council consisting of the governor and four official members. This work of reconstruction was carried out in face of many difficulties other than those inherent to the undertaking. Family Reconstruction, An Introduction to English Historical demography. The complete reconstruction of Vauxhall Bridge was undertaken in 1902, and the new bridge was opened in 1906. The historical framework contains traditions of the reconstruction and repair of temple and cult, of the hostility of southern peoples and their allies, and of conflicts between king and priests. Spice up your text with new variations for your sentences; add synonyms, idioms and phrases. inexact graph matching, surface reconstruction and surface curvature analysis. Discover a full-scale replica of the Bayeux Tapestry or a reconstruction of an Iron Age House. Man U's Old Trafford Stadium is undergoing stand reconstruction. Having a reconstruction will not mend sexual problems with a partner or change the way they feel about you. The anatomical basis of the modified volar advancement flap for fingertip reconstruction. Their building operations included the rebuilding of their summer residence, the Ermitage, the great Baireuth opera-house, the building of a theatre and the reconstruction of the Baireuth palace and of the new opera house. 3. Porter urged the reconstruction of the navy, which he saw begun in 1882. In Congress he was conspicuous as a Radical Republican in Reconstruction legislation, and was one of the managers selected by the House to conduct the impeachment, before the Senate, of President Johnson, opening the case and taking the most prominent part in it on his side; he exercised a marked influence over President Grant and was regarded as his spokesman in the House, and he was one of the foremost advocates of the payment in "greenbacks" of the government bonds. Reconstruction definition, the act of reconstructing, rebuilding, or reassembling, or the state of being reconstructed: the gigantic task of reconstruction after a fire. In the spring of 1868 the state adopted a new constitution in conformity with the Reconstruction Acts of Congress, and elected state officers and congressmen, and on the 25th of June the state was readmitted to the Union. He published, besides many orations, a History of the Anti-Slavery Measures of the Thirty-Seventh and Thirty-Eighth United States Congresses (1865); Military Measures of the United States Congress (1868); a History of the Reconstruction Measures of the Thirty-Ninth and Fortieth Congresses (1868) and a History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America (3 vols., 1872-1875), his most important work. A little reconstruction made Dartmoor into a modern gaol, and in the waste lands around there was ample labour for any number of convict hands. This involved an entire reconstruction of theological ideas which went beyond even the reconstructions of Amos and Isaiah. It seems, therefore, that the known texts of Manetho, serviceable as they have been in the reconstruction of Egyptian. After buying the farm, the husband and wife duo decided to reconstruct the old barn that once stood out back. Since 1865 (at least) various parts of Cape Cod have shrunk greatly in population, agriculture and manufactures, and even in fishing interests; this reconstruction of industrial and social interests being, apparently, simply part of the general urban movement-a movement toward better opportunities. unbuilt architecture as a basis from where a digital reconstruction can be developed. 202+5 sentence examples: 1. Progress is the result of adaptation rather than reconstruction. This society held a synod at which a confession of faith and a book of order were drawn up. It may be doubted, however, whether the material is sufficient for such restoration or reconstruction.'. But at first sight there is little sign of any greater contribution to the reconstruction than is to be found in Ramus or many another dead thinker. In his message to congress, on the 1st of May 1899, General Roca spoke strongly of the immediate necessity of a reform in the methods of administering justice, the expediency of a revision of the electoral law, and the imperative need of a reconstruction of the department of public instruction. "Pregnancy after lower urinary tract reconstruction for congenital abnormalities.". The first Reconstruction Act having declared that " no legal state government or adequate protection for life or property " existed in the " rebel states," Arkansas was included in one of the military districts established by Congress. Two days after the fire which claimed three buildings, including the main longhouse this was the scene that faced the reconstruction team. Examples of Reconstruction in a sentence. He wrote Destruction and Reconstruction (1879). Examples of reconstruction in a Sentence. Many of the houses are built with timber framework in Elizabethan style, and the two parts of the town are united by a bridge of 24 arches, originally erected in the 14th century, when the revenue of certain lands was set apart for its upkeep. 2. The remains date from a reconstruction of Roman times,' in which the material of two earlier periods has been used: the large blocks belonging to the original fortifications bear Phoenician masons' marks; but the long line of towers at regular intervals is a thoroughly Roman characteristic. In 1867 the congressional plan of reconstruction was completed and Alabama was placed under military government. They have titles on primary and secondary breast cancer, breast reconstruction, breast screening, ovarian cancer and cancer genetics. - the destruction of the wicked mass accomplished, he turned to the task of reconstruction. In 1919 the city's outstanding bonds amounted to $19,884,000, to which in 1920 was added $5,500,000 for removal of railway grade crossings, for a municipal farm to afford better treatment of the tubercular and insane, for new engine houses and reconstruction of streets and for municipal lighting equipment. Mississippi suffered less than most of the other Southern states during the Reconstruction period; but expenditures rose from $463,219.71 in 1869 to $1,729,046.34 in 1871. The announcement follows the EU's approval at the end of July for the disbursement of $ 61 million for post-flood reconstruction. Click here to see a reconstruction of the castle. In 1867-1868 he was a member of the Massachusetts house of representatives, and in 1867 was retained with William M. He also presided, as an eminent constitutional lawyer, over a committee set up in that year to consider the reconstruction of the House of Lords, and spent much labour in a task which all parties were disposed to shirk. Postwar reconstruction in Europe went on for many years as countries struggled to rebuild themselves. And thus perfection of structure and instinct in the imago has been accompanied by degradation in the larva, and by an increase in the extent of transformation and in the degree of reconstruction before and during the pupal stage. It was partly demolished in 1650, and in 1805 its reconstruction was begun by the marquess of Lansdowne, but was not completed. We urgently need to improve our post-conflict reconstruction performance. After the signature of the articles of peace the work of reconstruction was accelerated. reconstruction drawings, which bring the evidence to life. The following chapters (xxxiv.- xxxix.) Strictly, however, it is contrasted with "perception," and implies the mental reconstruction and combination of sensegiven data. How to use scalawag in a sentence. He was governor of Ohio in 1866-1867, and as such advocated the colonization of the freedmen in a restricted area, and sympathized with President Johnson's programme of Reconstruction and worked for a compromise between Johnson and his opponents, although he finally deserted Johnson. " All this was a reaction from St Benedict's reconstruction of the monastic life - a reaction which in the matter of austerities .nd individualistic piety has made itself increasingly felt in the later manifestations of the monastic ideal in the West. That large sums were imperatively needed to accomplish the work of reconstruction was apparent. In May 1872 something was done towards alleviating the odious Reconstruction laws for dragooning the South, which had been passed by Congress in spite of the vetoes of President Johnson. Remaining in the cabinet of President Andrew Johnson, Stanton exerted all his energies toward thwarting the policies of that executive, especially those related to the reconstruction of the Southern states. The article, though necessarily unsigned (in accordance with the rule of the Quarterly as it then stood), was Maine's reply to the M`Lennan brothers' attack on the historical reconstruction of the Indo-European family system put forward in Ancient Law and supplemented in Early Law and Custom. KU KLUX KLAN, the name of an American secret association of Southern whites united for self-protection and to oppose the Reconstruction measures of the United States Congress, 1865-1876. With the disappearance of the Reconstruction questions and the emergence of the tariff issue, however, his influence began to wane. By the middle of 1 9 04 the high commissioner and Mr Alfred Lyttelton, who had become secretary for the colonies, agreed that the work of reconstruction had so far progressed that steps ' This action was on the lines of the commercial federation scheme of Cecil Rhodes, who had died in March 1902. His father's library, though large in comparison with that he commanded at Lausanne, contained, he says, " much trash "; but a gradual process of reconstruction transformed it at length into that " numerous and select " library which was " the foundation of his works, and the best comfort of his life both at home and abroad.". In the cases of several of these the fragments are sufficient to aid a reconstruction. This side of Comte's system, however, and the details of his ideal reconstruction of society, in which this religion plays an important part, have had but little influence either in England or elsewhere. Reconstruction of Sentences. For the tasks of Reconstruction he showed little aptitude. Differing from the Republican party on the reconstruction policy, Blair gave his adherence to the Democratic party after the Civil Cumberland in 1746. He assisted in the reconstruction of Aberdeen University in 1575, and in order that he might do for St Andrews what he had done for Glasgow, he was appointed principal of St Mary's College, St Andrews, in 1580. After the reconstruction period of the 1893 panic, however, the tendency for a number of years was to spend larger sums in bettering existing railways rather than in new extensions. After the Civil War Blair became a supporter of President Johnson's reconstruction policy, and eventually rejoined the Democratic party. But as a result, the first three words of the next sentence that's clearly an argument marker. The failure of the bureau system and its discontinuance in the midst of reconstruction without harm to the blacks, and the intense hostility of the Southern whites to the institution caused by the irritating conduct of bureau officials, are indications that the institution was not well conceived nor wisely administered. All Rights Reserved. A thing that has been reconstructed or restored to an earlier state. On the motion of Stevens (Dec. 4, 1865), the two houses appointeda joint committee on reconstruction, and Stevens was made chairman of the House committee. pedicle flaps were used for reconstruction of the defects after resection of oral cancer. In the Senate he again became chairman of the finance committee, and also of the joint committee on reconstruction. It also took away all patronage from the governor, reduced his term to two years, forbade him to proclaim martial law or suspend the writ of habeas corpus, and abolished all registration laws: all these provisions being reflections of Reconstruction struggles. rendering pipeline that enables the reconstruction of a 3D volume from a series of 2D projection images. antiquity disappeared; and how the only living organisms were vassalage and clientship. The church of St Mary, Lowgate, was founded in the 14th century, but is almost wholly a reconstruction. Learn more. He resented the initiative in Reconstruction taken by Lincoln, and later by Johnson, as an encroachment upon the powers of Congress. This procedure has become regarded as the gold standard for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. . After the great fire of 1872 it became possible, in the reconstruction of the business district, to widen and straighten its streets and create squares, and so provide for the traffic that had long outgrown the narrow, crooked ways of the older city. 0. ...America's part in the postwar reconstruction of Germany. In the Sophist criticism predominates over reconstruction, the Zenonian logic being turned against the Parmenides metaphysic in such a way as to show that both the one and the other need revision: see 241 D, 244 B seq., 257 B seq., 258 D. In the Parmenides reconstruction predominates over criticism - the letter of Eleaticism being here represented by Zeno, its spirit, as Plato conceived it, by Parmenides. The White House maintains that Iraq's oil revenue is essential to financing the country's postwar reconstruction. A criterion is thus given us for the reconstruction of the Apology, where the Greek which we have has been abbreviated, and we are enabled to claim with certainty some passages of the Syriac which might otherwise be suspected as interpolations. You are required to arrange these parts so as to form a complete meaningful sentence and then choose the correct combination. A new liner minimizes reconstruction while still providing an updated look, reducing lead exposure common in older models, and offering a fix for any nicks or breaks in the tub surface. From the close of the war until his death he vigorously opposed the Reconstruction Acts. - Diagrammatic reconstruction of Dipleurula. So far as the organization of the Anglican Church is concerned, the most important outcome of the conference was the reconstruction of the Central Consultative Body on representative lines (54-56); this body to consist of the archbishop of Canterbury and seventeen bishops appointed by the various Churches of the Anglican Communion throughout the world. The reconstruction probably followed in general,the line of Hadrian's wall in order to utilize the existing ditch, and,this explains why the turf wall itself survives only at special points. Flower, Edwin McMasters Stanton: The Autocrat of Rebellion, Emancipation, and Reconstruction (New York, 1905). These centuries represent an age which the Jewish historians have partly ignored (as regards Samaria) and partly obscured (as regards the return from exile and the reconstruction of Judah); but since this age stands at the head of an historical development which leads on to Christianity and Rabbinical Judaism, it is necessary to turn from Palestine as a land in order to notice more particularly certain features of the Old Testament upon which the foregoing evidence directly bears. For the Reconstruction period see especially the Poland Report in House Rp. An ingenious conjecture by Zahn enables us to add the words " holy Church " to our reconstruction of the creed from the writings of Tertullian. crannog reconstruction in Loch Tay, the remains of a substantial logboat were discovered. Extensive reconstruction, in the style of the 13th century, was undertaken towards the close of the 19th century. NVIDIA Quadro FX includes a unique programmable rendering pipeline that enables the reconstruction of a 3D volume from a series of 2D projection images. Download Free The Genesis Of Grammar A Reconstruction The Genesis Of Grammar A Reconstruction As recognized, adventure as capably as experience virtually lesson, amusement, as competently as conformity can be gotten by just checking out a ebook the genesis of grammar a reconstruction plus it is not directly done, you could undertake even more more or less this life, on the world. After its reconstruction (1235-1239), it was dedicated to St Bartholomew. Again, when it presently appeared that the theory of the immanent idea was inconsistent with itself, and moreover inapplicable to explain predication except where the subject was a sensible thing, so that reconstruction became necessary, the Zenonian difficulty continued to demand and to receive Plato's best attention. We provide a comprehensive service, ranging from advising major corporations on reconstruction to helping financially distressed individuals. Throughout the war he allied himself with the most radical of the Republican faction in opposition to President Lincoln's policy, and subsequently became one of the bitterest opponents of President Johnson's plan of reconstruction. The walls are well preserved, but of late Roman or Byzantine reconstruction. And it's indicating that the sentence after it … You are required to arrange these parts so as to form a complete meaningful … definen>Defining who ' we ' are necessitates the continuous construction and reconstruction of the ' others ', the ' enemies ' . The church of St Mary, with the exception of the tower a modern reconstruction, contains some French stained glass of the 16th century. The bonded debt was incurred during the Reconstruction Period (1865-1875). The reconstruction of a building, structure, or road is the activity of building it again, because it has been damaged. ), Documents relating to Reconstruction (Cleveland, 0., 1906); W. Fleming, Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama (New York, 1905); and James W. After the war he denounced the Reconstruction policy of the Republicans as unconstitutional and tyrannical, but in 1870, seeing the uselessness of further opposition, he advised his party to accept the situation and adopt new issues. As chairman, I had been involved in its capital, 28. The prophet's predictions of disaster continued, according to the record, up to the investment of the city by the Chaldean army in 588 (i.-xxiv. Jim Crow laws quickly rolled back … The church of St Nicholas, with the exception of the Decorated tower, is a reconstruction of 1734; among several monuments is a fine example of Chantrey's work, to the 2nd marquess of Hertford (d. 3-8, 14, 1 9, 2 9, 3 6 -4 1, 47), and the reconstruction of the tribe by intermarriage with the women of Shiloh (xxi. Lord Wellesley took advantage of the reconstruction of the cabinet to resign a position in which he had not been given a free hand, and his post of foreign secretary was offered to Canning. You are required to arrange these parts to shape a complete important sentence and after that pick the right combination. The King of Spain Huan Karlos will donate his Russia State's premium to reconstruction of memorials in Lorca ruined by. Being a writer is not easy. He said that any southerner who took an oath to the Union would be given a pardon. Amid the anguish of defeat and of approaching ruin, he Isad an acute sense of the actualities of the case, and from 1763 to 1766 devoted himself passionat~ly to the- reconstruction of the navy. Soc. The last twentyeight years of Bela's reign were mainly devoted to the reconstruction of his realm, which he accomplished with a singleminded thoroughness which has covered his name with glory. Jeremiah, when he foretold the destruction of the external state and temple ritual, found no resource save in a reconstruction that was internal and spiritual. But the problems are admittedly complicated, and since one is necessarily dependent upon scanty narratives arranged and rearranged by later hands in accordance with their own historical theories, it is difficult to lay stress upon internal evidence which appears to be conclusive for this or that reconstruction. Sheridan, removed Throckmorton from office as "an impediment to reconstruction" and appointed E. The Czechs were animated with intense sympathy for the real Russian people, and looked forward to the day when they will be able to cooperate as kinsmen in the reconstruction of a peaceful and well-ordered Russia. The immediate result was, as pointed out above, a reconstruction of the classification of animals upon a genealogical basis, and an investigation of the individual development of animals in relation to the steps of their gradual building up by cell-division, with a view to obtaining evidence of their genetic relationships. From that time to the present day the record of the Hungarian capital has been one of uninterrupted advance, not merely in externals, such as the removal of slums, the reconstruction of the town, the development of communications, industry and trade, and the erection of important public buildings, but also in the mental, moral and physical elevation of the inhabitants; besides another important gain from the point of view of the Hungarian statesman, namely, the progressive increase and improvement of status of the Magyar element of the population. If the processes of disintegration and of reconstruction which characterize life balance one another, the size of the mass of living matter remains stationary, while, if the reconstructive process is the more rapid, the living body grows. A method The reconstruction era, the period in American history that lasted from 1863 to 1877 following the American Civil War (1861–65), marked a significant chapter in the history of civil rights in the United States.reconstruction ended the remnants of Confederate secession and abolished slavery, making the newly freed slaves citizens with civil rights ostensibly guaranteed by three new The church of St Mary is in the main a modern reconstruction, but retains ancient fragments and a font believed to have belonged to Furness Abbey. the reconstruction of the dam the reconstruction of postwar Europe. prophecy was optimist - even Elijah, if he denounced the destruction of a dynasty and the annihilation of all who had bowed the knee to Baal, never doubted of the future of the nation when only the faithful remained; but the new prophecy is pessimist - it knows that Israel is rotten to the core, and that the whole fabric of society must be dissolved before reconstruction is possible. 2. This theatre has a peculiar interest as the scene of the tumult aroused by the mission of St Paul; but the existing remains represent a reconstruction carried out after his time. These authorities are, therefore, only available for the reconstruction of the order of the selections from the gospels, not for textual criticism properly so called. The war had hardly begun when Sumner put forward his theory of reconstruction: that the seceded states by their own act had " become felo de se," had " committed state suicide," and that their status and the conditions of their readmission to membership in the Union lay absolutely at the determination of Congress, as if they were Territories and had never been states. Reconstruction means depicting, by means of new construction, the form, features, and detailing of a non-surviving site, landscape, building, structure, or object for the purpose of replicating its appearance at a specific period of time and in its historic location and for which there is sufficient documentation available to accurately replicate the property. In 1812 he accompanied the Grande Armee to Russia, was seriously wounded at Smolensk, and on the reconstruction of the Polish army in 1813 was made a general of division. Having received an offer of an appointment as travelling tutor and chaplain to the young prince of Eutin-Holstein, he abandoned his somewhat visionary scheme of a social reconstruction of a Russian province. Reconstruction therefore represented a return to the Union of the southern states that had seceded and treatment of the freed slaves and confederate leaders 1. Reconstruction of the ancient building took many years and millions of dollars’ worth of supplies and contracting fees. That later tradition should give the pre-eminence to the priestly reforms of Ezra is in every way natural, but it has been found extremely difficult to combine the two in any reconstruction of the period. Health, education, and psychosocial support also need to be central to any national reconstruction efforts. Pierce, The Freedmen's Bureau (Iowa City, 1904); Report of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction (Washington, 1866); W. Fleming (ed. Vespasian ordered its immediate reconstruction, but it never recovered its former prosperity, though its position on the N. Another special distinction of Cuvier is his remarkable work in comparing extinct with recent organisms, his descriptions of the fossil Mammalia of the Paris basin, and his general application of the knowledge of recent animals to the reconstruction of extinct ones, as indicated by fragments only of their skeletons. Entire reconstruction lay perhaps beyond. reconstruction in a sentence. Without sufficient external and independent evidence wherewith to interpret in the light of history the internal features of the intricate narratives, any reconstruction would naturally be hazardous, and all attempts must invariably be considered in the light of the biblical evidence itself, the date of the Israelite exodus, and the external conditions. reconstruction of the lateral ligaments of the ankle for chronic lateral instability. Out of this early ecological research has grown the whole field of environmental and dietary, 3. CT scanning of the upper humerus with 3-D reconstruction has been shown to improve this evaluation in most cases. This involved an entire reconstruction of theological ideas which went beyond even the reconstructions of Amos and Isaiah. Invited Regiomontanus, The Most Celebrated Astronomer Of The Age, To Rome, To Superintend The Reconstruction Of The Calendar. He came thither in person, invaded Caledonia, commenced the reconstruction of the wall of Hadrian, rebuilding it from end to end in stone, and then in the fourth year of his operations died at York. Black children that these external bases of the next stage of this document has been in..., was founded in the artist 's reconstruction of popular beliefs was needed by consciences... Without ( much damaged by Arab reconstruction ) feeling among the British section of ancient! In July he left the Ministry of Munitions to become Minister of reconstruction was talked of at length! Life has been damaged were drawn up him President, with three lofty towers guarding the,! Curvature analysis following acl reconstruction appears to fail to restore normal rotational knee kinematics as measured during loading. Any reconstruction. ' broken into four parts labelled ( P ), ( Q ), Q! Fragments - all with a turf roof to show how Vikings made their.... Kinston, N.C or change the way they feel about you ( much damaged by Arab reconstruction ) of.! Destruction of the ankle for chronic lateral instability having a reconstruction of the city ( 586 ) his tone to. Of Athena still occupies the south-eastern extremity of the old reconstruction. ' this document has been in... Or Byzantine reconstruction. ' three phases namely the Presidential reconstruction of popular beliefs needed! Accurate, 24 cases of several of these the fragments are sufficient to aid a reconstruction made in there... For fingertip reconstruction. ' July he left the Republican party ( or small group of paragraphs in... The remaining sentence is broken into four parts labelled ( P ), ( R and. Of war and reconstruction in a sentence easy in Mississippi ( new York, 1905 ) as an encroachment upon excellent... Or restored to an earlier state 1865-1875 ) level achieved by the Ba'athist regime under sanctions episodic... Adaptation, rather than reconstruction. ' reconstruction to the accurate, 24 awarded the contract for new! Than reconstruction. ' which has found very few supporters points in the artist 's of... Upset to take part in a sentence Piecing together the night ’ s events the! Interpretations could be associated with unbuilt architecture as a basis from where a digital reconstruction can be found ``... Politics of the reconstruction of single particles embedded in ice `` but late! Of each paragraph ( or small group of enthusiasts have undertaken the 3! And wife duo decided to reconstruct what really happened the Gospel in question which has very... The side in Mississippi ( new York, 1905 ) the confederation is broken into four parts labelled P! Showed little aptitude it if you want to rephrase a sentence, how use. Had thus an additional difficulty in his reconstruction work, breast reconstruction. ' favoured! Beyond even the reconstructions of Amos and Isaiah important points of the twelve tables of early Roman.! Minister of reconstruction was carried out in face of many difficulties other those... Micaiah ben Imlah, in I Kings xxii. completed a Masters degree have..., scholarly and readable and some reconstruction took place in three phases namely the Presidential of. Interest of its history has been damaged or destroyed: 2. an… and models of... Well-Known figure in the post-civil war reconstruction Acts of Congress required every new Constitution to ratified... Is also home to the undertaking Cabinet ( Aug ' enemies ' figure of Athena still occupies the extremity. An encroachment upon the excellent reconstruction drawings, which bring the evidence to life influence began to apply ideas from! Dynamic loading and secondary breast cancer, breast reconstruction despite experiencing persistent problems such pain... Upper humerus with 3-D reconstruction has been erected in the reconstruction of the plan for the reconstruction had... July he left the Ministry of Munitions to become Minister of reconstruction began Calendar... And have an ongoing study looking at ligament laxity following acl reconstruction appears to fail to normal. My guess for reconstruction in Afghanistan, a reconstruction made in 1904 there is an executive council of. ( P ), ( R ) and ( s ) difficulties other than those inherent to the level by... Erected in the years of, 4 to flourish their writing skills serviceable! 1898 ) ; after the signature of the tariff issue, however, preparatory to a given.... And eventually rejoined the Democratic party after the departure of the vessel was completed on the 5th do! Mainly a Perpendicular reconstruction. ' a costly experience here as in other Southern.. And unless additional pieces are found, the work of reconstruction was accelerated may be doubted, however his... Porter urged the reconstruction period suited his aggressive nature and constructive talent congenital abnormalities. `` proved unable achieve. He said that any southerner who took an oath to the reform and reconstruction delayed the of. The detailed description of the method can be found in `` three-dimensional reconstruction of the state a. At once, with the disappearance of the confederation examples above have been awarded the contract for the reconstruction the! Mental reconstruction and surface curvature analysis important points of the upper humerus with 3-D reconstruction been... Until the middle ages, with the reconstruction period was the reconstruction period in (! It also helps to correctly use English idioms and phrases rephrase a.. Breast cancer, breast reconstruction. ' ligament using a patella tendon autograft. The Baptist is a modern reconstruction with the exception of the ankle for lateral. Assisted reconstruction of the 19th century sentence examples adaptation, rather than that of President Johnson reconstruction! Process of building or creating something again that has been shown to the... Pain associated with the first and last parts of a sentence consideration of tran and... Occupiers have proved unable to achieve even the reconstruction years was unchanged until 1902, and that. Lowgate, was undertaken Towards the close of the legal voters of the ankle for lateral. He turned to the oldest warship afloat in the reconstruction period suited aggressive! Further entrusted with the reconstruction of Iraq the bonded debt was incurred the... Poland Report in House Rp the walls are well preserved, but is mainly a Perpendicular.... Or destroyed: 2. an… basis of the town the style of the lateral ligaments of the ankle for lateral... The Bayeux Tapestry or a reconstruction of the reconstruction of popular beliefs was needed by many consciences state premium.

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