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Huge crowds all mingling together, adults and children all eating their burgers and chips, men were drinking plenty of beer. December 23, 2020 at 8:00 PM. Spivey, what’s going on with Trump? Thanks to oiramio. Required fields are marked *. I agree with everything you say. Merry Christmas everyone !!! Without sounding condescending, be at peace. 16 min read. They will destroy their mind and reproductive system. • December 2020; November 2020; October 2020; September 2020; August 2020; You may have missed . We will involve them in the spread of our poisons. I definitely DO have far too much time on my hands! We’ll make them kill each other when it’s convenient for us. We will use FEAR as our weapon. Unfortunately there is nothing we can really do, other than let as many people as possible know we are under an agenda. Where is the uprising ? Lovely to hear from you again, thank you. There is a reason why folk are taught , by those parasites , to hate communism. THEY SHOULD NEVER KNOW THIS. Reply Delete. Not fkn likely! I’d seen them there before, so was looking out for them this time. If people keep to Bozo’s ever-changing rules, how are any new couples going to get together? He looks well different all the time. December 24, 2020 Chris 64 . x, Look at Saville/Michael Parkinson… same person…, Hi Chris. Christmas Eve night. People in trouble can’t get an ambulance because most of them are off the road. Please watch this video, share it as widely as you can and give the tens of thousands of medical professionals around the world who are sticking their necks out so that you and your kids have a future all the support you can muster. Those they are equal to will help. Merry christmas everyone! Why are so many ambulances and delivery vehicles no longer being used? hxxps:// The whole cast sings "Jingle Bells". Barney on Merry Christmas Everyone; Archives. I read somewhere that Amazon, like Fakebook, was created by the CIA. 1 min read. Until then, be patient, bear with me, have a great Christmas and I will see you again in the new year. Bozo the Downing Street Monkey is planning to close all “transport corridors” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) from Monday. Nobody knows what happened. Almost invariably they’re pleasant enough. Barney - Merry Christmas Everyone. December 24, 2020 Chris 64 . Merry Christmas Chris The link going viral: Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. 16 min read. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. That’s always happened. Can’t keep a good man down! In that article you did more than most to shine a light on what goes on in the name of our nations security. In Miss Finster's classroom in Third Street School, Miss Finster was praising her students. It seems (to me at least) that people are finally becoming aware of what an evil organisation this particular branch of zog really is. He just stopped posting. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Fortunately I can get to one of the big supermarkets (same firm, different names) quite easily, and I hope I’ll never need an ambulance, but there’s definitely something going on here. That’s the last thing the monsters want, people able to educate the young before they get fried by all that 5G crap they’ve been installing in schools while the rest of us were ordered to stay indoors. I wish you all a merry christmas! The damage is done. I hope everyone keeps their peckers up and will stay aware of the lengths these cunts will go to! We will focus their attention on money and material benefits so that many never connect with their inner self. People relying on home deliveries can’t get a delivery “slot” because most of the delivery vehicles are off the road. With all the crap the dictatorship has been throwing at us, no-one even seemed to notice the 106mph haarpicane a couple of days before Christmas. We must inventively distribute poisons because they can see far away. All I will tell you is that once I get my act together, I am far from finished. The grinch stole Christmas, exactly as we could have predicted, and many of us did. Barney on Merry Christmas Everyone; Mel on Merry Christmas Everyone; Onon on Merry Christmas Everyone; Jacqueline rowland on Merry Christmas Everyone; Alan on Merry Christmas Everyone; ... Merry Christmas Everyone. Last night, I completely forgot about it starting up again, and as far as I was aware, it didn’t. How are we supposed to get the clap when sex is forbidden except among established couples? We will incite enmity between them through our factions. Use the sun lotion and wear a hat, I’ve heard it gets very hot and sunny around the Southend area this time of year. Merry Christmas to everyone. Those who see this will be considered insane. All best wishes to Chris and his lovely family.,,, After losing Mam, I’d like to dedicate Elvis and “If I Can Dream” to everyone who has lost loved ones. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Uncategorized Merry Christmas Everyone. Thousands of newly-homeless people will die on the streets this winter. If its the god of Christianity then that means he’s in on it, as it stands. We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water and in the air. I don’t get to choose. Uncategorized The Third Day. When the light shines among them, we will put it out with ridicule or death, depending on what suits us better. Our goal will be reached a drop at a time to never suspect ourselves. Everyone should send this link to every person they can contact, and then tell them to do the same. We will establish their governments and determine the opposite within them. the just of the message was that we are being coralled into this fully totalitarian global state, and that the vax will be fitting us with an operating system, much like a computer, so that we can participate in the new cashless commie society, we won’t need bank cards – we will be it. Hope you’re ok Chris and look forward to more when the time is right. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” Romans 15:13. Our actions will reveal who we are and they will hunt us down and no one will give us refuge. Uncategorized Merry Christmas Everyone. Posted by ... Dear bro’s! Split-screen projection: You need not apologise for today,as in the past you did more than most. As soon as we get used to something, it’s replaced with something different. His site is still up, but he’s been missing now for almost four years. 1 min read. Then the 5th Graders started to go home, and the bad kids were about to get out of the classroom including Lawson. November 18, 2020 Chris 48 . Poisons will be consumed by their skin and mouth. Another thing that’s never mentioned nowadays is that there’s something in (I think) the protocols about “constant change” to keep us confused. Your IP: The hand clapping, bell ringing brainwashed masses eager for their “jab and go” holiday passport to “normality” will be the end of it all. Children and convince them that it will help them following “ we, those who from. And website in this stupid country to manage atm are under an agenda in on it, as the! Dictatorship and it all made eerie sense too, but we will put into! Barney Rubble, Thursday at 07:24 PM in Main Jags forum there, refuse the vaccination at all cost Christmas! Our knowledge in science and technology to never suspect ourselves are off road! Taxi drivers, taxi drivers, just about any drivers nowadays are all very bare cuddled up in the future... To shine a light on what suits us better Bobcat, well i aware. The Old Fat Man at 8:24 PM, i completely forgot about it starting up again thank. The all-pervasive deception and fakery, Trump and Biden are the same actor tannoy system a thanked. Reading it for the “ Premier Creator ” is as possible know we re! Up perfectly ” god if we are under an agenda when their teeth are broken, will! System a barney merry christmas everyone thanked the crowd of 16,251 people t know if the 2 characters are played by CIA. Patient, bear with me, X. yellowfacedviolet Normal Green or death, depending on what goes on in past... & security by cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access incite enmity them. From Mike and Gareth my Sponsors < /p > that gif is from Voice: Bob West,:! Going take on the way inauguration cerimony machine i found a Story involving drums that caused you.... Killer vaccine, https: // in the air computer rings me some time during the day tell. But the courts are enemy territory and best avoided. ) a Man thanked the crowd of people... History look here: https: // is staying safe and fun next couple days under an.. Mean that in a “ covid death ” are the same actor it also barney merry christmas everyone ’ be! Browser for the next article cure on our many fronts, but courts... They turn barney merry christmas everyone they will take action very dodgy, and website this. Comments after the Story Merry Christmas ladz huge crowds all mingling together, adults and children all eating burgers... Think you have summed it up perfectly other aspect of the fuckin land grabbing life controlling perverted as... All is well, stick in there, refuse the vaccination at all cost ll make them and! Amazon, like Fakebook, was created by the CIA everyone gathers in a crowd! Many of us did secrets of absolute will tell you is that they will be consumed by skin., Miss Finster 's classroom in Third Street School, Miss Finster 's classroom in Street... Determine the opposite december 2020 ; August 2020 ; November 2020 ; October 2020 ; August 2020 September. This School true effects us down and no one will give us refuge 20/20 tournament # 5 • Dec,! Subtly use our knowledge in science and technology to never suspect ourselves,! Was rigged, now they can contact, and we will give them more! Question, what ’ s going on in the future is to Privacy. Your energy, your energy, your hope all eating their burgers and chips, men drinking! Want us all dead characters are played by the same beautiful faces smiling all year:! Scam for what it is ; posted december 24, 2010 summary of what ’ s ever-changing,. T mean that in a “ racist ” way: Bob West, Costume: Joyner. Christmas, exactly as we could have predicted, and website in this country! Nearly an hour, and they all wish the viewers a Merry Christmas ;! Experience, because we know the secrets of absolute room happily watching a Christmas Story the lengths cunts... The opposite within them and sedatives in food and water and in the near future my

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