rail gauge map

Refer to the relevant Netwo rk Ra il websi tand d ocument n ( .g ESA) f OpenRailwayMap - An OpenStreetMap-based project for creating a map of the world's railway infrastructure. 1855 Iowa rail map ; 1902 Iowa rail map ; Historical Railroad Maps from the United States Library of Congress Gauges wider than standard gauge are called broad gauge, those smaller are called narrow gauge. 4. Original Map Scale 1:1,500,000 at A3 Size. Canadian National Map. Town Wawrow added (B4). The large Island of Hawaii's railroad history is best remembered with the Hawaii Consolidated Railway, one of the state's only standard-gauge railroad operations. Line Prabuty - Kwidzyn lifted, removed from the map (F3). The railway maps are produced by me (Matthew) as a hobby, as is the website, so please bear with me if there are errors on the map or issues with the site as I try to produce updates. GaugeMap is an award winning interactive map with the latest river level, flow and groundwater data from Environment Agency stations in Britain & Ireland. The Living Atlas of Indian Railways India Rail Info is a Busy Junction for Travellers & Rail Enthusiasts. Template:Rail gauge Rail gauge is the distance between the inner sides of the two parallel rails that make up a railway track. The UK map is mostly finished, although there’s always room for improvement. Rail Transportation Bureau. Map indicative only. W10/12 data supplied by Ian Cleland, NR Freight Development Manager. Main Map General Map Notes: 1. The railroad was originally chartered as the Hilo Railroad on March 28th, 1899, to connect the Olaa sugar mill with Waiakea, a distance of eight miles. It shows transportation routes spanning over 20,400 miles. The railways operate in long-distance as well as in suburban rail systems on a multi-gauge network. 5. Several countries have more than one gauge, but the above map depicts the most prevalent lengthwise. 6. 2. The US map is a work in progress, and will take many years to complete. 3. Català Česky Dansk Deutsch Ελληνικά English Español Suomi Français Magyar 日本語 Lietuvių Nederlands ߒߞߏ Polski Português Русский Slovenščina Svenska Türkçe Українська Tiếng Việt 正 … Section Gorzow Wielkopolski - Wawrow single-tracked (B4). It employs four gauges, namely broad Gauge, standard Gauge, meter gauge, and Narrow Gauge. Contact Us. A railway gauge can be defined as the clear minimum perpendicular distance between the inner faces of two rails. Although numerous gauges are being used worldwide, six major gauges dominate the global rail systems, with the Standard Gauge (1435 mm) being the most common. Rail Gauge and Types of Rail Gauges. Source: CIA World Fact Book. H ig hSpeed L ne s not w . Principal Network Rail lines shown only. This is an interactive system map of the Canadian National (CN) Railway, a class I rail carrier in the United States and Canada. Selected named Stations shown. It also hosts a Centralized Database of Indian Railways Trains & Stations, and provides crowd-sourced IRCTC Train Enquiry Services. Industrial Sites Rail Maps of the U.S. Canadian National Railway Map. Major Gauges of the Global Rail Systems. Elk narrow gauge network extended to Kalinowo and new branch Laski Male - Zawady Tworki opened (J-2/3). Town Ostrow Mazowiecka added (I4). Historic Iowa rail maps. Fifty-five percent of the world's railways use a gauge of 4ft 8½in (1,435mm), which is known as the standard or international gauge.

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